Marionette Shows For kids with big imaginations

Rene's marionettes brings your imagination to life with an amusing cast of colorful puppets.

Joe Selph
Presents Renes Marionettes “Variety in Miniature”

Variety in Miniature is a family friendly show that brings your imagination to life with an amusing cast of colorful puppets. From dancing monkeys and singing chickens to a funny ostrich or an adorable balloon-blowing clown, these delightful characters appeal to the child in all of us.

Every Marionette Show Includes

Audience Participation

The whole audience gets involved in the marionette fun!

Complete Piece of mind

This show has been audience tested and is guaranteed to bring huge smiles!

Your child is the star

Booking for your child's party? They get to become the star of the show!


Read some recent testimonials from parents and event planners just like you!


Sherry L.

"I saw your marionette show and absolutely loved it! It took me back to when I was a


Dalia S.

"I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful show. It was just terrific and enjoyed by
both the children as well as the adults.
We look forward to having you back."

Marionette Show Pricing

This show is designed for larger family style events. It can be performed indoors or outdoors but the performance area needs to be a large, flat, hard surface (such as wood, concrete or pavement). Parking must be provided near the entrance of the venue and there can be no stairs that would inhibit loading and unloading of the rolling performance rack. An electrical outlet will be needed near the performance area to accommodate the sound system.

*Rates are based on travel within the general Los Angeles area. Additional fees may apply for travel outside of this area.

Package #1

Variety in Miniature 20 minute show featuring 6-7 different puppets

Starting at $350*

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Package #2

Variety in Miniature 30 minute show featuring 9-11 different puppets

Starting at $400*

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Specialty Packages

Themed shows are available for libraries, shopping centers and large events.

Contact me for special pricing for these shows.

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Marionette Show Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions and answers about my marionette show. Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact me.

How far in advance do we need to book your show?

We recommend booking at least one month in advance of your party or event. The farther in
advance you book, the better your chances of getting your preferred date and time.

What kind of space do you need for your show?

The marionette show needs at least 10’ x 10’ of performance area. It must be on a hard surface
such as wood, carpet, tile, concrete or pavement (no grass or dirt). A nearby electrical outlet is
needed for the sound system. Parking must be located near the entrance and there can be no
stairs between our vehicle and the performance area to accommodate the large rolling rack.
For this reason, we do not recommend the marionette show for birthday parties or small
gatherings unless it is being held in a community room or event venue.

How long will it take you to set up?

The Variety in Miniature marionette show takes 30-40 minutes to set up once I arrive and unload.

Are videos and photos allowed during the show?

Absolutely! We love it when our clients take photos and videos and share them on social
media. Just be sure to tag us!! In fact, if you have a great photo you’d like us to share, we are
happy to post it on our social media pages and/or website for others to enjoy.

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