Frequently Asked Questions

Read some frequently asked questions and answers from my magic and marionette shows.

How much do you charge?

Please click on Magic Shows or Marionette Shows to see the packages we offer for your party or event.

Do you require a deposit?

No deposit is required to hold your date & time. In the event of a cancellation, we ask that you notify us at least a week in advance to allow someone else to take your slot.

How do we pay you?

Payment can be cash or check, payable on the day of the event. Tips are always appreciated but not expected.

How far in advance do we need to book your show?

We recommend booking at least one month in advance of your party or event. The farther in advance you book, the better your chances of getting your preferred date and time.

What age range do you recommend for your show?

The Magic Mania show is designed for children 3-7 years of age The. Variety in Miniature marionette show is suitable for all ages.

What kind of space do you need for your show?

The magic show is completely self-contained and does not require a large space. Providing a performance space of 6’ x 6’ would be ideal, plus additional space for the audience to sit and watch the show.

The marionette show needs at least 10’ x 10’ of performance area. It must be on a hard surface such as wood, carpet, tile, concrete or pavement (no grass or dirt).

A nearby electrical outlet is needed for the sound system.

Parking must be located near the entrance and there can be no stairs between our vehicle and the performance area to accommodate the large rolling rack. For this reason, we do not recommend the marionette show for birthday parties or small gatherings unless it is being held in a community room or event venue.

Can you perform in a park?

Yes, provided that you reserve parking near your location for ease of loading and unloading. Also, some cities require a permit for live performances in their city parks. Should that be a requirement for your location, you will be responsible for any fees associated with that permit. We do not recommend the marionette show for parks unless the performance is held inside a community room with easy access and no stairs. Please see the previous question for more details regarding the requirements for the marionette show.

How long will it take you to set up?

Magic Mania takes about 10 minutes to set up once I arrive and unload.

The Variety in Miniature marionette show takes 30-40 minutes to set up once I arrive and unload.

Are videos and photos allowed during the show?

Absolutely! We love it when our clients take photos and videos and share them on social media. Just be sure to tag us!! In fact, if you have a great photo you’d like us to share, we are happy to post it on our social media pages and/or website for others to enjoy.

Do you have themed shows for the holidays?

Our magic shows can be tailored for holiday events though the main focus will be on presenting hilarious kid-friendly comedy magic routines. For our marionette shows, we have Halloween and Christmas themed performances available for your holiday events.

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